Double Master Company Man with Office

The double master offers two spacious master bedrooms that can accommodate two to four people at a time. It provides a large office in which our clients can concentrate on their daily work activities, while also having a spacious living room, kitchen, living quarters and bathroom to relax in once the day is done. The double master is the staple of our land solutions fleet and has been engineered over 25 years of oilfield experience to satisfy our clients' remote living and working needs.

HB Rentals offers three different options for the double master company man with office. The options include the Elite, Premium and Standard models. The models range by year constructed or refurbished. The elite is our newest model and features the most up to date external and internal features within the industry.

Elite – Double Master Company Man with Office

The Elite living quarters features stainless steel appliances and custom bedroom furniture. The Elite was designed to provide a more soundproof environment to make living near a drilling rig more like living at home.

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Premium - Double Master Company Man with Office

The Premium living quarters is a completely refurbished model with new trim, flooring, paneling, appliances, drop ceiling and furniture. Like the Elite, the Premium is designed to maximize comfort, convenience and workforce productivity.

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Standard - Double Master Company Man with Office

The Standard living quarters is offered for our clients who seek quality and value housing without all the updates and comforts of the Elite and Premium options.

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