Camp Complex

Camp Complexes

Camp complexes can house and be custom configured to accommodate up to 80-90 personnel on a job site. Long term solutions are often referred to as "dorms" and can be deployed in as little as 15 days, and shorter term solutions are called "drill camps" which can be configured to house approximately 6-24 personnel and can be mobilized within 24 hours. Camp complexes provide not only living quarters but also each type of amenity needed to live and work onsite.

When you're working in very remote locations from pipeline projects to construction and transportation work, HB Rentals can supply your crew with nearly all the comforts of home. Camp complexes can be designed for practically any environment, regardless of weather conditions or location and can be customized in size to fit your needs. HB Rentals is capable of providing the type of housing your employees deserve and appreciate

Camp Complex Amenities

Camp Complex

Living Quarters, Galleys and More

Our camp complexes can outfit your site with more than traditional accommodations such as living quarters and galleys.

  • Medical Facilities / Guard Shacks
  • Dining Rooms / Galleys / Laundry
  • One Man Private Suites
  • Theaters & Recreational Rooms
  • Fitness Centers & Weight Rooms
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Sewer Systems
  • Generators / Transformers / Light Towers
  • Communication Systems

Choosing a camp complex for your project supports safety, security and employee retention. This housing option reduces impact on local infrastructure by not leaving a footprint and lessens environmental impact with reduced traffic.

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