Network Operations Center

Monitored Wellsite Communications

HB Rentals manages a manned Network Operations Center that actively monitors installed wellsite communication locations and responds immediately if a failure is detected. The ability to monitor and respond quickly helps identify issues as they occur and enables expeditious dispatching of technical support.

Monitoring Services for All Active Networks

Our field technicians are able to troubleshoot and provide technical support for your network data units and phone systems. Monitoring is available 24/7 and can be tailored to customer requirements:

  • Network status, data usage, error codes, and signal strength of every data unit
  • Link bandwidth usage: video streaming, internet surfing, abuse, etc.
  • Weather patterns that may affect your site's communications.

Customized Controls

  • Customizable usage and access controls, site-by-site and user-by-user
  • Installation of network filters to reduce access to sites with malicious software