Portable Cooling Systems

Regulation limits the amount of hours a worker can be exposed to the heat. To address this need, we offer a simple but novel solution for a quick cool down. Serving as middle-ground between field conditions and controlled AC conditions, the HB Rentals cooling unit provides a sheltered location that field personnel can retreat to for OSHA recommended breaks. Better than an AC shack, a cooling unit mitigates the risk of temperature swings which can cause discomfort and illness for field personnel.

Sheltered Cooling Unit Designed for Quick Cool Down

  • Enclosed unit, allowing for shorter cool down time, efficiency and fuel economy.
  • The generator comes attached to the unit – eliminating the need to provision a separate power source.
  • Designed for a capacity of 10 people (versus the more common eight), which may reduce the need for additional units.
  • Features a 300 gallon water tank and a 60 gallon reservoir – close to 25% more capacity than comparable cooling systems.
  • Designed for longer operation - the cooling unit features a nine gallon diesel tank, which is designed for nine hours of operation. Many similar systems are limited to two hour operation.

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Cooling Trailer: Drawing
Cooling Trailer: Exterior
Cooling Trailer: Exterior
Cooling Trailer: Interior