Sewage Systems - Remote Project Sites

Sewage removal is an essential utility service for any remote project site. Without a reliable sewage removal service or related equipment that can treat and discharge sewage, a project site might be at risk of shutting down. HB Rentals offers a range of sewage products and services for a variety of land applications and climate conditions. Our sewage product line ranges from as simple as storage tanks to as complex as a subzero sewer unit with heated bathroom for cold weather climates.

We will help your organization track local or regional sewage discharge regulations and offer a variety of products and services in support of remote site sewage removal. Our services range from regular pump-out to a more complex standalone system. We continue to innovate with sewage treatment technologies that we will beta test prior to market introduction.

If your preference is regular pump-out from sewage holding tanks, we have the fleet of pump-out trucks that provide regular and dependable service. We carefully plan for your pump-out needs to ensure timely service, with the objective of never allowing for an overflow situation.

Sewage Systems

Above Ground Sewage System with Chlorinator

HB Rentals Clearstream Sewer System is a highly efficient extended aeration sewage treatment plant.

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Sewage Holding Tanks

HB Rentals provides sewage holding tanks which are an integral part of an onsite sewage management system in which we manage, pump, hold and remove grey and black water waste from project sites.

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Subzero Sewer Systems

The HB Rentals subzero sewage system has industry leading tank capacity and a multi-layered approach to protecting your sewage system in harsh conditions, meaning you won’t find your rig site operations frozen due to extreme weather conditions.

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Sewer Lift Stations

As a part of HB Rentals sewage services, sewer lift stations are a cradle to grave waste disposal system. They provide a depot for waste to exit the house and be pumped through hoses to a sewer holding unit.

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HB Rentals offers Port-O-Lets for use as a more economical onsite lavatory option to complement our shower/change house units.

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Sewage Hauling Services

HB Rentals maintains a fleet of trucks with varying holding capacities specializing in removing waste from work sites. The trucks connect hoses to the holding units to eliminate the possibility of harmful spills onto the ground.

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