Sewage Holding Tanks

Our standard holding tank is 3,000 gallons which provides optimal capacity to the client and operational efficiency in our collection and disposal process. 2,000 gallon tanks are available in some areas to support a smaller footprint. 500 gallon sewage tanks are also available. The tanks are constructed with a polyethylene material and feature a standard plumbing configuration to accommodate the collection and pump-out process. Depending on site requirements, we might partner the holding tank with a 500-gallon sewer tank to add extra capacity and help separate solids from the holding tank. Each site is custom configured to the specific personnel accommodation requirements.

The pump-out process consists of dispatching a vacuum truck either on a set route or a predetermined time based on historical usage to avoid overflow. The truck carries a 2-inch suction hose that is connected to the tank with camlock fittings which provide a secure connection to avoid spillage. The driver operates a pump from the truck for a controlled product transfer.

Sewage Holding Tank