Sewer Lift Stations

Sewer lift stations enhance worker safety by keeping workers safely away from hazardous waste materials. In addition, the use of the stations keeps sewage from exiting onto the ground, protecting the environment. Sewer lift stations are designed to sit lower to the ground from the exit point on the house allowing for gravitational flow. The design of the sewer lift station minimizes part breakdown, thereby mitigating the cost of service calls.

Sewer Lift Station
Sewer Lift Station: Installed
  • Newer models have a sealed top which better controls odor
  • Lower to the ground site set up minimizes set up time and cost with infield moves
  • Less part breakdown with the pumping action, which reduces service calls and cost
  • Mechanical grinder: once the grey waste fills to a certain level, the grinder will activate pumping and grinding as it transfers waste to a storage tank.