Subzero Sewer Systems

Frozen sewage can bring a rig site to a grinding halt. Mitigate the effects of freezing temperatures with an HB Rentals subzero sewage system, designed to help optimize rig site operations and avoid delays brought about by extreme cold. The system is composed of a steel container, heating and insulating elements, two tanks, and pipework. The subzero sewage system has industry leading tank capacity and a multi-layered approach to protecting your sewage system in harsh conditions, meaning you won’t find your rig site operations frozen due to extreme weather conditions. Its innovative design allows for lowered total cost of operation as well as increased worker comfort.

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Subzero Sewer System: Exterior
Subzero Sewer System: Interior
  • Fully enclosed for protection
  • Insulation and heating for enhanced subzero capabilities
  • Industry leading capacity - 4,000 gallon holding capacity
  • Optimized pump out services
  • Integrated, heated bathroom
  • Easy mobilization