Bulk Water Delivery Service

Water is essential at every site. HB Rentals' fleet of bulk water delivery trucks allows customers to maintain normal function of everyday living. Showers, dishwashers, washing machines and toilets are all needed to allow for normal, functional living onsite. Our trucks make a hose connection to the water storage unit and fill the storage unit without losing precious drops of water.

HB Rentals is noted for its investment of fleet assets to support delivery services such as bulk water. As a primary service for remote sites, water delivery is essential for site operation. Consequently, we manage our truck assets, crews and delivery processes to ensure reliable service delivery. We understand the cost and impact of unplanned downtime and work to ensure that your site is never at risk of depleting its water supply.
Water Delivery Truck
Water Delivery Truck
Water Delivery Truck
  • Water trucks and trailers can offload water at 200 gallons per minute
  • Bobtail trucks have 2,835 gallon (90 BBL) capacity
  • Trailers have a 4,095 (130 BBL) capacity
  • Lightweight hoses with ergonomic placement of pump and hose connections for easy loading and offloading