Subzero Fresh Water Tanks

Water is critical to your operations. When your water freezes, so does your productivity. Reduce the risk of freezing by utilizing HB Rentals' subzero fresh water system. The system is composed of a steel container, heating and insulating elements, two tanks, and pipework and is built to FDA standards and suitable for potable water storage. Designed specifically to function in the harshest, coldest temperatures, the subzero fresh water system will help keep your rig site operating. Designed with your rig site in mind, the HB Rentals subzero fresh water system comes with the industry's highest capacity water tank with features that lower operating costs while maximizing up time.

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Subzero Water Tank: Inside Unit
Subzero Water Tank: Exterior
Subzero Water Tank: Exterior
  • Fully enclosed for protection
  • Insulation and heating for enhanced subzero capabilities
  • Best-in-class capacity - 4,000 gallon holding capacity
  • Easy mobilization