Toter Truck

Mobilization & Installation

Once our team has reviewed the site planning process with you, the mobilization and installation process will begin. The request for service is received and our team begins customizing the equipment to fit the needs of the particular project - number of sleeping quarters, office requirements, sewage and water needs, etc. With inspection of the equipment completed and delivery date and permits in hand, a crew is assigned to the installation. A delivery note is presented at the completion of installation to ensure all items are received and functioning properly. Our turn-key mobilization and installation processes allow for a smooth and easy setup.

Installation: Haynevsille Shale, 2010

Rent Ready

Quality of rental fleet - when an accommodation unit is returned from rental it is cleaned thoroughly, repairs are made if needed and stock levels are checked. Our equipment is maintained to a rent-ready standard. We ensure the unit is ready for use when you have the need. This allows for rapid deployment of accommodation units where and when you need them.