Site Survey

Site Survey & Planning

HB Rentals recognizes that time is money and that mobilizations and site set up works best when effectively pre-planned. With a coordinated effort between our sales and operations teams, our service supervisor will seek to go to site with the company man to pre-plan for all the site requirements. As every site is different in terms of access and space limitations, it is essential to plan ahead for a staged delivery and installation of all the required equipment. In addition to timing, site safety is also a concern with trucks and equipment coming on and off the site. With our pre-site survey and planning, we work to avoid unproductive time both on site and with advanced route planning in which we pre-plan delivery routes, permitting requirements and driving restrictions for large loads.

Preplanning Stage

In the pre-planning stage, we will determine how many workers will be working and living on site so we can size the water and sewage tanks and plan route schedules if applicable. A well developed plan can also produce efficiencies such as better task scheduling, which may result in more efficient utilization of mobilization resources (people, trucks and other assets) and result in cost savings.