Skid Mounted Living Quarters

HB Rentals has a complete line of skid mounted living quarters designed for cold climates. We also offer all of the accessories necessary to operate in these extreme conditions. Whatever your needs, from a single bedroom company-man office to housing several hands or even a multi-person camp complex, HB Rentals has the options for you and will customize each unit for your needs.

From a construction perspective, all HB Rentals' skid mounted accommodation units are built to applicable International Building Code (IBC) based on the date of manufacture. Additionally, the majority of HB Rentals' skid mounted accommodation units are Colorado Division of Housing (CDOH) compliant, which is also known within the industry as Blue Seal.

We back our accommodations and equipment with our crew of in-house certified technicians on call 24/7 to provide immediate service for whatever you may require. The quality, cleanliness and modern design of our buildings and furnishings are unparalleled in the industry.

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Executive Company Man Unit

This unit is designed for a customer with a desire to increase their living space.

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Double Ended Suite Unit

This unit is similar to a duplex with a studio apartment on either side.

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Integrated Skid House

This all-in-one skid house combines the accommodation with water and sewage tanks.

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Three Bedroom Unit

This skid-mounted versatile unit can be configured to accommodate multiple sleeping and housing arrangements.

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Two Bedroom Unit

There are several styles of this particular unit, with the most common layout featuring an office, living space, laundry area and two bedrooms.

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One Bedroom Unit

The one bedroom unit typically houses one bedroom with an office on the opposite end. The unit still has a full kitchen and living room in the middle. Some are occasionally converted to a two bedroom with no office.

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Crew Housing Unit

The crew house gives a customer an affordable option for providing onsite housing for a large number of people.

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Directional Driller Unit

The unit gives the directional drilling team the ability to house equipment and people.

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Mud Engineer Unit

The mud engineer unit allows for any configuration needed to provide the engineer proper work space.

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General Purpose Units

General purpose units are customizable, versatile accommodation units to be configured to accommodate the specific needs and activities of a specific job site.

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