Remote Infrastructure Construction

Remote infrastructure construction – whether pipelines, LNG plants, nuclear plants, chemical plants, bridges or other construction projects in remote locales – often require temporary housing for hundreds if not thousands of skilled and semi-skilled laborers. These remote camps are frequently described as “man camps” given that they provide temporary housing for construction workers in remote or harsh climates.

HB Rentals offers a range of temporary workforce housing solutions – from dormitory camps to modular camps to scalable camps comprised of individual trailer or skid houses. We can support temporary housing needs for thousands of workers with all the amenities required for a remote site – including galley, dining, recreation, laundry and other services – and all the auxiliary utility services needed for remote living and working – water, waste water removal, communications, DirectTV, power and lighting.

We can mobilize, install, manage and demobilize your temporary camp complex. HB can also support with permitting, site planning, site construction and catering services. We offer single occupancy solutions and double or greater occupancy, depending on your project requirements. Our solutions also offer choices in shared dining hall or more private dining in individual skid or trailer houses.

Site Services & Support

Clients select HB Rentals for our expertise, capabilities, quality products and reputation for reliability, but they stay with us because of our superior level of onsite service.

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