ABS/USCG A60 Linkable General Purpose Modules

HB Rentals' ABS/USCG A60 linkable general purpose modules are flexibly designed to be configured to your specific needs. General purpose modules have a multi-purpose role, customizable to the project. Configure the module as a recreation room, gym, medical office, administrative office, equipment holding room, laundry room or specify exactly what is required. Superior engineering and construction allow our modules to stack in a variety of configurations, depending upon host installation requirements.

General Purpose Modules

Recreation Room Modules

HB Rentals is able to provide your job site with a module made for employee downtime. Our recreation room modules are equipped with TVs, chairs and coffee tables, creating a space for employees to break and relax.

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Laundry Modules

With washers and dryers, the laundry module allows employees to clean their clothing in an enclosure, avoiding exposure to the elements. Laundry modules are offered within various sizes including a 6' unit or a 42.5' unit. Both modules allow for flexibility to accommodate the personnel needs of a specific job.

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Office and Meeting Spaces

HB Rentals inventory of office and meeting spaces provides extensive options for maintaining productivity on a job site.

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Medic Rooms

Designed with an exam table and sink, this medic room/welfare module provides a place to diagnose and treat workers.

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Equipment Housing Modules

HB Rentals' equipment housing modules allow a job site to designate a space to hold project equipment, keeping the overall site clean and organized.

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