DNV A60 Linkable Galley Module

HB Rentals' DNV A60 galley modules are designed with the latest equipment to facilitate up to 50 POB. Certified to DNV regulations, the galley is equipped with stainless steel commercial grade appliances to handle any volume of cooking. As a linked module, the standard welfare module can be converted to a diner which links to the galley for easy in and out access and accommodates up to 50 POB. Unique safety features designed to combat grease fires are standard on the DNV galleys to ensure fire protection.

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  • Stainless steel appliances facilitate cleaning and maintenance, non-porous surface aids in sanitation
  • Commercial grade equipment designed to reliably handle high-volume use over extended periods of time
  • Internal linking corridors mitigate time exposed to outdoor elements.
Dimensions Length Width Height Weight
32 feet/9.8 meters 11 feet/3.4 meters 10 feet/3.05 meters 39,683 pounds/18,000 kilograms
Power Requirements 3 Phase + E 380V-480V, 150amp 50/60Hz
Fire & Gas F&G Detection F&G Panel (Optional)
Certifications DNV 2.7-1 BS EN 12079 HSE – Notice 82
MSC (Maritime Safety Committee)/Circ.860 IMO/SOLAS
Fire Rating A60
Blast Rating 250mbar