32 Foot Linkable Sleeper Module

HB Rentals' 32-foot DNV A60 linkable sleeper is designed to accommodate up to eight individuals. Certified to DNV 2.7-1, the 32-foot sleeper module is designed to maximize worker safety and comfort. Versatile in its design, the module provides the comforts of home and easy plug and play connections with safe and quick installation features. Our innovative design enables these modules to link horizontally and stack up to four units high, depending on the type of host installation.

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  • Each bunk is equipped with standard black-out privacy curtains, bunk lights, and power outlets for maximum worker comfort
  • Each bunk contains network points, coaxial points, and headphone jacks
  • Each bedroom comes with a desk area and drawer unit as standard
  • Individual lockers for each person
  • Wet areas are equipped with underfloor heating for rapid drying of floors
  • Easy corridor access utility service cupboard for all service systems
  • Internal linking corridors mitigate time exposed to outdoor elements
Dimensions Length Width Height Weight
32 feet 11 feet 10 feet 17,000kgs (27,478 pounds)
Power Requirements 3ph + E 380V-480V, 32amp 50/60Hz
Fire & Gas F&G Detectors F&G Panel (optional)
Certifications DNV 2.7-1 BS EN 12079
IMO/SOLAS HSE – Notice 82 MSC (Maritime Safety Committee)/Circ.860
Fire Rating A60
Blast Rating 150 mbar
Occupancy Options HB Rentals' 32-foot DNV A60 Linkable Sleeper is designed to accommodate up to 8 individuals