Offshore Service Modules

HB Rentals has one of the industry's most diverse fleets of offshore service modules with four distinct options across our hazardous area and non-classed area product lines. Also known as engineering / service modules or engineering cabins, offshore service modules are used as MWD modules, control rooms, equipment rooms, workshops, offices, mud logging modules and as ROV, test and telecom modules and other applications.

ABS/USCG, DNV Certified Fleet

ABS/USCG A60 Certified Modules

HB Rentals' A60 fleet consists of a wide range of available buildings that are designed and approved to meet various regulatory standards.

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DNV A60 Certified Modules

HB Rentals DNV A60 certified modules offer the ultimate in comfort and function while adhering to the demand and high standards of certification. These modules are built to withstand harsh, extreme conditions found in marine environments. DNV 2.7-1 certification is obtained through a thorough review and test of our projects, ensuring the ultimate in health and safety.

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Steel Stackable Modules

HB Rentals' steel stackable modules are manufactured for use on fixed platforms and inland barges. They are capable of also being used onshore or dock side. The modules can support operations such as construction, maintenance, production, completions, drilling, workovers, and P&A operations. The units are stackable, up to three high, depending upon the host installation, and offer easy installation with all utilities on one recessed service end, to protect the equipment. The modules can be outfitted to serve as sleepers, offices, recreation rooms, galleys, diners, laundry modules, medic rooms, gyms or custom designed to meet customer needs.

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Fiberglass Stackable Modules

HB Rentals' line of fiberglass stackable modules is a cost conscious lightweight alternative to heavier steel modules. They are perfect for non-classed safe area use where regulatory restrictions do not apply or have a limited footprint. Choose from options such as sleepers, galley, diners and other general purpose rooms.

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