Offshore Reefer Container for Safe Areas

When planning for offshore projects with temporary workforces approximating 50 or more workers, your project will require food storage capacity in addition to galley and dining modules. Our HB refrigeration unit is designed to meet this need by providing additional refrigeration capacity for offshore workforce needs. Often described as a reefer, which is a common industry term in the transport of fresh or frozen produce, the refrigeration unit functions as a walk in cooler for food storage and can be rented as a standalone product or in conjunction with a temporary living quarters complex.

Offered in two sizes, 8-by-10 feet or 8-by-20 feet, these systems are 480v and come with a 120-foot power cable. Utilizing the latest technology and featuring control panels the unit provides error codes when problems occur for self diagnosis on site or easy communication to onshore service personnel for remote problem resolution.

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Refrigeration Unit: Exterior
Refrigeration Unit: Exterior
Refrigeration Unit: Interior