Project Management Services for Offshore Accommodations

Project management is the primary role of HB Rentals that ensures your project is delivered on time and within budget. It requires the planning, organization, discipline and expertise necessary to manage a project's life cycle across multiple disciplines from inception to commissioning.

Offshore onsite accommodation projects normally require a significant degree of customization with more rigorous regulatory compliance requirements not typically found with land projects. Consequently, HB Rentals adheres to a stringent quality assurance product management process, with the objective of methodically managing a project from initial requirements definition all the way through to successful installation and commissioning. The following represent the key functions involved in successful project execution for your typical offshore project:

All successful projects start with one characteristic in common – strong up front planning. Detailed planning as based on client specifications is essential for a successful project as defined by being delivered on time, within budget and to client expectation. HB Rentals’ sales and project management staff offer strong expert support both pre and post-sale in ensuring that client specifications are fully addressed in the proposal, which ensures that all aspects of project execution are fully understood before the award is granted and thus smoothly executed once work begins.