Regulatory Submittals for Offshore Accommodations

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HB Rentals has a long history of marine projects requiring regulatory expertise, with more than 80 years of combined regulatory experience. We have a full staff of engineers and technical designers able to provide the best and most cost efficient solution for our customers. We have worked with every major regulatory agency in the world, including ABS, DNV-GL, Lloyd's, BV, USCG, and BESSE to ensure our clients' project successes. We have an in-house manufacturing department, project managers and field technicians who take an opportunity from a concept to paper and put it into practical application.

Regulatory oversight and requirements are becoming increasingly more stringent. As new sets of regulations are set forth managing temporary living quarters, HB Rentals' technical expertise comes into play at the front end of a project to ensure that all requirements are met from the start.


The process of managing regulatory submittals is intentionally cumbersome with the objective of ensuring compliance. There are no compromises for safety, and with the ABS certification as an example there are multiple inspections in the manufacturing process to ensure compliance. Typically, there is an inspection of the shell to check welds, then a subsequent check of the insulation installation (an A60 requirement), and then an inspection of the walls, electrical and cable tray, followed by a final inspection for approval to add the individual module to our rental fleet or to ship it out for a project.

This regulatory expertise can be the difference between success and failure for our clients' projects. Providing solutions that do not conform to current regulatory requirements is costly, affecting both project timelines and operational budgets. What will it cost your project if you are three days late due to regulatory hold ups? What will it do to your budget if you have to rework full aspects of your design? HB Rentals has the staff and experience to ensure this doesn't happen. By providing a full spectrum of services from initial engineering design to regulatory submittals, installation and commissioning, HB Rentals ensures all communication is handled properly, for a smooth project start to finish.