Oilfield Trailers Delivered to Drilling Site in Louisiana

Feb. 13, 2019

BROUSSARD, La. — HB Rentals has completed the delivery and installation of two oilfield trailers for a drilling location in Louisiana. The trailers will support the day and night company men and directional drillers working at the location. HB also supplied auxiliary equipment providing water, sewer and communications to the site. HB’s equipment will support the location for the next month.

HB's oilfield trailers will provide office and living space for day and night company men and directional drillers.

A client approached HB needing accommodations for their drilling project in Louisiana. The site would run on a day and night shift schedule and need an office and living space for the company men and directional drillers staying on site. The location would have access to power, but wouldn’t have access to water and sewer connections. They also needed wireless internet access and an intercom system. After getting the information from the client, HB’s business development manager discussed the requests with HB’s district operations manager from the Broussard, Louisiana facility.

Oilfield Trailers with Rig

HB’s operations team performed a site survey to get a better understanding of the space limitations and layout of the location. An HB supervisor went to the location with the client and inspected the site to get more detailed information on where and how the equipment will setup. After completing the survey, HB worked out a solution that fit within the space limitations of the site and met all the client’s requests. To allow for a day and night shift, HB would supply the set of company men and the set of directional drillers each with a two-bedroom trailer with office. The trailer’s layouts will have the two bedrooms on one end, the kitchen and living room in the middle, and the office on the opposite end. This setup allows for the most distance between the busy, loud office and the bedroom of the off shift worker. It also provides a kitchen, so the workers can prepare their own meals if they would like, and a living room for an area to relax during their off hours.

To cover the site not having access to water and sewer connections, HB will provide water and sewer tanks. A 3,000 gallon water tank with a pump and a 3,000 gallon sewage holding tank with sump pumps will provide enough water and waste space for HB’s equipment and the other contractor housing on the site. HB’s solution will also provide the communication equipment the client requested. For the internet, intercom, and phone HB will supply its communication bundle. The bundle includes high-speed LTE internet with two wireless access points, a phone line with unlimited long distance calling, and an EnGenius wireless intercom package with eight rugged wireless handsets and one loudspeaker.

The HB business development manager presented the package to the client. After reviewing the client approved and a delivery date was scheduled for the following week. Before the delivery, the operations team prepared and checked the rental equipment making sure everything was operating correctly. The next week the equipment was delivered and installed on site. The company men and directional drillers will now work and live at the drilling location for the next month.

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