Refinery operations such as start-ups, turnarounds and shutdowns often cause existing workspaces in the refinery to be temporarily inaccessible or unusable due to safety concerns. Depending on the location of the workspace, there are special requirements that need to be met in order for safe operations in potentially hazardous zones.

HB Rentals with its vast, versatile fleet of modular buildings has a complete solution for your work space needs. Whether it's a start up, turnaround, or shutdown, we offer both safe area and hazardous area certified modular workspaces and shelters. Modular buildings designed for hazardous area use are blast resistant, with fire ratings anywhere from the standard A60 ratings, up to customized H120 ratings, built specifically to handle the higher temperatures of hydrocarbon based fires. In addition, we offer modules with HazLoc certifications, with buildings rated for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 use.

Refinery expansion projects and turnarounds often require additional temporary workers and contractors on location throughout the scope of the project. HB Rentals can supply both hazardous area and blast resistant modules for office complexes onsite, as well as temporary, safe area modules that can be setup as living quarters for temporary workforce housing. These solutions allow for greater project flexibility, and provide a practical approach for accommodating personnel onsite.

With our full range of auxiliary support, we can mobilize, install, manage, and demobilize your temporary or permanent modular solution. Certified, trained technicians will install, maintain, and carry out preventative repairs on the structures to ensure the safest work environment possible.

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