VSAT for Remote Sites

Reliable communication in zones with little reception is critical and is often overlooked. HB Rentals' VSAT communication system is designed to offer a robust, dependable solution in remote project sites: send emails, submit a fax, or simply make a phone call. The VSAT is complemented with various lines of intercom systems. A trained HB Rentals communications technician installs and maintains the VSAT system to ensure long term reliability, mitigating the risk of failure.

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VSAT Communications

Standard Communications Package

  • Satellite Dish, Fixed Series
  • Data Lines/Internet Access
  • Modem & Switch/Router
  • Telephone Lines
  • Fax Lines

Applications Supported

  • Analog/Digital Voice Services
  • Dedicated Company Man Internet Access
  • Rig Site Communications & Loudspeaker Systems
  • Real-Time Logging Data/SCADA Data Internet
  • Social Media, Video Streaming, and Mobile Device Compatibility