Sewage Systems for Offshore Operations

Sewage treatment technology is essential to a successful offshore operation. In adherence to regulatory and environmental guidelines, HB Rentals offers several products and technologies to assist with managing daily sewage processing requirements. Our sewage processing and treatment product line consists of proven technologies, which are designed with as few moving parts as possible to ensure high operating rates with minimal downtime. The potential cost of an equipment breakdown or malfunction, at a minimum might lead to an inconvenience or perhaps an environmental violation, and at a maximum could cause non-productive down time. HB Rentals works with our customers' project guidelines to recommend adequate sizing of sewage units as well as determine regulatory requirements regarding sewage discharge capabilities.

Sewage Systems

Treatment Systems

RedFox and Maritime Sanitation Device systems

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Sewage Lift Pump

HB Rentals offshore sewage lift pumps are designed specifically to combat effects of listing vessels at sea. Listing vessels can cause sewage block up on lift pumps not designed for offshore use.

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