Treatment Systems

These units are IMO/USCG certified Type II MSD, and they also meet all EPA regulations. They are low maintenance with very few moving parts and operate with very low power consumption. If system is properly setup and operated then there is virtually no odor. These units operate with either fresh or saltwater. Our rental units offer from 500 to 3,000 gallons per day capacity. HB Rentals also has certified technicians on standby who are capable of installing these units offshore for our customers. HB Rentals offers a variety of auxiliary equipment to help support any and all of our customers' accommodation needs. Whatever your needs, we have the equipment and technicians on standby in order to deliver quality equipment in a safe and timely manner.

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Treatment Systems

RedFox Sewer System

The RedFox system features a multi-compartment/chamber processing design. Brown waste enters the 1st compartment in which the breakdown process includes aeration combined with enzyme tablets and then proceeds to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th chambers which continue to breakdown the solids. As the fluid passes from the 4th compartment it is clear, clean and can be piped overboard. The system has latches that can be opened and the 4th chamber has a window for visual verification. Due to the latches which open, the RedFox is recommended for fixed platform installation only, not vessels which are subject to pitch from ocean waves.


An MSD sewage treatment system functions with a similar process to the RedFox system. It is almost identical in appearance but uses chlorine water instead of chlorine tablets as its primary approach to solids breakdown. The system is completely sealed, which allows the MSD to be installed on vessels in which there is no risk that water/sewage will splash out due to heavy pitch/waves.

  • Certified and non-certified version available
  • IMO/SOLAS certified MSD sewage system allows for implementation on vessels
  • RedFox System is non certified, limited to just fixed platforms