Fiberglass Stackable Modules

HB Rentals' line of fiberglass stackable modules is a cost conscious lightweight alternative to heavier steel modules. They are perfect for non-classed safe area use where regulatory restrictions do not apply or have a limited footprint. Choose from options such as sleepers, galley, diners and other general purpose rooms.

Cost-Friendly Fiberglass Living Quarters

  • Control costs: fiberglass modules are a cost friendly alternative in situations where the project is on a non-classed facility
  • Lightweight: fiberglass construction allows these modules to be utilized where heavier steel modules cannot
  • Flexible layouts: modify standard floor plans to your specific requirements
  • Plug and play porches for easy and quick installation
  • Winch truck ready: alternative loading, transportation and installation method when a crane is unavailable

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Fiberglass Fleet

Sleeper Modules

Sleeping up to 12, the fiberglass stackable sleepers are designed with features to keep workers more comfortable and increase work site productivity.

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Galley & Diner Modules

The fiberglass galley and diner modules come with top shelf equipment so you can effectively feed your crew. Link the galley and diner to create easy access between the two.

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Offshore Service Modules

HB Rentals' fiberglass mud lab provides a work space for the drilling fluids engineers.

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General Purpose Modules

HB Rentals' fiberglass general purpose modules are flexible, all purpose rooms that can be retrofitted to your project needs. The configurations for this unit are many, including an office, recreation room, sick bay, utility building or even as a bed/bath/office sleeper.

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