Fiberglass Stackable Galley and Diner

Lightweight Galley and Diner Modules for Non-Classed Safe Area

The fiberglass galley and diner modules come with top shelf equipment so you can effectively feed your crew. Link the galley and diner to create easy access between the two.

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  • Superior equipment: galleys and diners come standard with commercial grade, stainless steel galley equipment
  • Enhanced fire measures: fire suppression system designed to handle galley fires
  • Control costs: fiberglass modules is a cost friendly alternative in situations where the project is on a non-classed facility
  • Lightweight: fiberglass construction allows these modules to be utilized where heavier steel modules cannot.
  • Flexible layouts: modify standard floor plans to your specific requirements
  • Plug and play porches for easy and quick installation.
  • Winch truck ready: alternative loading, transportation, and installation method in cases where a crane is unavailable
Dimensions Length Width Height Weight
28 feet 11 feet 11 feet 2 inches 18,000 pounds
32 feet 11 feet 11 feet 2 inches 19,000 pounds
36 feet 11 feet 11 feet 21,000 pounds
Power Requirements 3 Ph + E 208 volts 250 amp (Galley/Diner)
Fire & Gas Fire Detection Gas Detection (optional) Fire Retardent Resin
Certifications ISO 9001 Quality Standard ISO 14001 Environmental Management OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety