Temporary Living Quarters for Shipyards

Shipyards often serve as construction sites when it comes to vessel and platform projects. It is far easier, less costly and safer to complete as much work on land before the vessel or platform goes to sea. HB Rentals will support temporary construction or maintenance crews with temporary living quarters installed on site to support all accommodation needs including sleeping, galley/diner, laundry, recreation and other daily work or living functions.

Space limitations are not an issue. HB Rentals can install a stacked TLQ accommodation complex on site equipped with stairs, railings and platforms. We can also provide for all auxiliary utility services: water, waste water removal, communications, power and lighting, or hook directly up to the host facility.

We can support your temporary workforce needs from a small crew up to over 1,000, small projects and large. Our temporary workforce housing solutions include stackable fiberglass and steel cabins, trailer houses and modular camps. We offer a number of different configurations to meet your needs or can combine configurations for large camp complexes. The temporary camps are ideal for short term needs spanning up to two years in which the camp buildings can be easily brought into and removed from the site.

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